October 1, 2016

YYB Luo Tianyi

Filename: YYB式洛天依测试版
Creator: YYB

Number of Polygons: 54 048
Number of Bones: 208
Number of Facials: 67
Format: PMX

Download: Baidu
Pack also include Tianyi with her blue wing

Editing: OK (conditional, see readme)
Redistribution: OK (conditional, see readme)

English ReadMe: No
Translated Textures: Yes

Please note: This models folder should be extracted using Chinese language in order to keep the filenames intact. If it's extracted using Japanese language the model will most likely turn out white when loaded in MMD. If you do that here's how to fix it; Rename the model files so they end with “.pmx”. Also rename the folders “YYBハスツ衫・タイ簗ヤー・spa”, “YYBハスツ衫・タイ簗ヤー・tex” and “YYBハスツ衫・タイ簗ヤー・toon” to “spa”, “tex” and “toon” respectively