Frequently Asked Questions

1. I can't figure out a password to a model, please help!
I'm sorry but I won't be helping out and telling people passwords. If the passwords are a little bit more tricky I usually provide a password hint. However, if you are new to MMD and would like some help figuring out easier passwords I would recommend looking through this guide.

2. I can't figure out an unzip-password to a model, please help!
For the most part the unzip-password to a model is located in the readme.txt included in the model folder. However, in some cases the readme's might be in Japanese which means that when you open them, the text is just unreadable gibberish. One way fix the issue so you get the original Japanese text is to open up the file using Notepad++. After that the text could easily be copy-pasted into Google Translate or similar.

3. My model turn out white when I load it into MMD. How can I fix this?
The usual reason why a model turns out white is because the texture files attached to the model are named in Japanese. (Please note that I state if the textures are translated for every model I feature). Computers that are not Japanese won't recognize foreign characters and will turn the texture filenames into gibberish. There are a few ways you could fix this problem:

  1.  Change your systems locale to japanese, described here, and unzip the model folder.
  2. Install applocale, described here, and unzip the model folder.
  3. Install an unzipping-program that supports foreign characters, described here, and use that for unzipping the model folder (personally I think this is the easiest method).
  4. Open up the model in PMD/PMX Editor, rename the texture files and put them back onto the model, described here.
Also make sure you are using the latest version of MMD.

4. Wait... is this like CitruSmoothie 2.0?
No it's not. The aim with CitruSmoothie was to feature a wide variety of MMD models coming from a range of different franchises, while the aim with this blog is simply that I feature models only depicting Vocaloid and UTAU characters. The reason for this is quite simple: Firstly I want to start fresh and not have to worry about spending months just trying to retrieve CitruSmoothie to it's "former glory", and secondly I have less time now than what I used to have, which means I'd rather focus on something I'm interested in personally (which is Vocaloid and UTAU).

After CitruSmoothie closed down I started doing a MMD download series on my DeviantArt account. But after some time I realized I didn't want my DeviantArt to be associated just for model downloads (to other peoples models), but also I didn't want to just delete the featured models so all work would be for nothing. That's why I started this blog; to be able to continue featuring models but just on another platform.

5. How often do you update the blog (adding more models?)
I add more models basically whenever I find them and whenever I have the time to feature them.

6. Do you ever plan on starting to feature stages, effects, motions etc. too?
Nope I'll stick with featuring Vocaloid and UTAU models for now.

7. Could you feature this model I made?
That depends. Is it an original model (not an edit) of a Vocaloid/UTAU character that is available to download for free? If so then yes, I'd be glad to feature your model. If no then I'm sorry, but my focus on this blog is original Vocaloid/UTAU models only (with a few exceptions).

8. What does "conditional, see readme" mean?
It means its ok to edit and/or redistribute a model but there are some conditions (or "rules") that the creator have stated in their readme. For example, maybe the creator don't want you to change the edited model into another character. Maybe its ok to edit but not taking parts off the model, or maybe all the new parts you added onto the model must be made by yourself.

9. What does "only minor" mean?
Only minor usually means that you cannot make any visible changes to the model. You can add or edit bones, physics, joints and facials, and sometimes it's also ok to edit the textures. However, taking or adding parts, changing the model into another character etc, is usually not allowed as stated by the model maker.